Yamba Classic

June 8, 2019 – Bowlo Sports & Leisure Yamba

$5000 winner takes all!

16 teams – 5 per team (blue belt max) 

Team registration and spectator tickets at https://events.ticketbooth.com.au/event/yambaclassic

Rally the troops, strap on the boards and head down to the beautiful coastal town of Yamba for the first ever Yamba Classic – blue belt jiu jitsu teams tournament!

Yamba Classic is the only jiu jitsu teams event in Australia. 16 teams will contest the bracket for a winner takes all grand prize of $5000.

Teams consist of five blue belt (or lower) competitors with a combined weight of less than 430kg. Maximum of one team per academy location.

FIGHT MAT – 10x10m
WEIGH-IN – morning of the event
TIME LIMITS – 6 minute rounds


Yamba Classic - Rule Set


● Winner fights the next fighter from the opposing team

● Draw means both fighters are out

● If the last fighter loses, the team loses




● Under 430 kg on day of the event.

● Weigh in is without gi




● Submission (See Appendix A Legal Techniques)

● Passing out / loss of consciousness

● Disqualification

       ○ 3 MINOR or 1 MAJOR foul (see below)

● Referee Stoppage

● Bout will be ruled a draw if no finish in the allotted time

● In case of the last bout only, the fighter with less warnings wins

       ○ In the case of the same number of warnings in the last bout, the team with the less total warnings wins

       ○ In the case of the same total warnings the team with most submissions throughout tournament wins

       ○ If still tied, each team picks a player from opponent team to represent in sudden death, submission only untimed tiebreaker round




● 1 x 6 min round

● 1 x 4 min round in case of 20 kg + weight difference




● Fighter order is continuous throughout bracket

● In case of injury fight order continues with 4 fighter rotation etc.



● Competitors must have proper hygiene. They must be clean, have neatly trimmed fingernails and toenails, and emit no odors. Hair must not be excessively baggy, and long hair must be tied up

● No infectious skin diseases or open wounds will be permitted. Any cuts should be covered up. The event’s medical staff has final say whether the competitor may or may not compete.

● No lubricants, oils, or lotions of any kind will be permitted on any part of the body or clothing. Competitors can not use any substance to make the skin or uniform either more slippery or stickier




● Competitors must wear a clean properfitting uniform. The uniform must be in good condition and not be stretched, frayed, ripped, excessively baggy, or have any holes

● Briefstyle underwear is mandatory. No thongs or boxers

● Clothing covering the head is allowed for religious reasons, as long as it is in good condition and must not be stretched, frayed, ripped, excessively baggy, have any holes, or excessively cumbersome as to prevent a grip or submission

● Joint protectors (knee braces, elbow braces, etc.) and hair ties, are permitted as long as they are not excessively cumbersome as to prevent a grip or submission

● Medical devices are allowed with a doctor’s permission, but they must not be too hard, interfere with a proper submission, or be excessively cumbersome in the opinion of the referee and medical staff

● Competitors must not wear any hard object: such as jewelry, pins, needles, glasses, protective cups, joint protectors, hair ties, unapproved footwear, or unapproved medical devices

● Competitors have the right to have their uniform checked up to 2 more times if their uniform fails the first inspection. They must be wearing all approved elbow/knee braces and medical devices at the time of the check

● The GI must be made of cotton or a cotton like fabric. It must not be excessively cumbersome as to be thick enough to be hard to grip

● The GI top’s sleeves must reach no more than 5 cm from the competitor’s wrist when extended outward. The opening of the sleeve at full extension must be no less than 7cm

● The GI top’s collar must be 5 cm wide and no more than 1.3 cm thick

● The GI top’s skirt must reach to the competitor’s thighs

● The GI pants must reach no more than 5 cm from the competitor’s ankle bone

● No other pants can be worn under the GI



MAJOR FOULS Disqualification

● Heel hooks

● Reaping the leg

● Piledriving/ spiking / suplexing an opponent onto his / her head or neck

● Scissors takedown from standing position

● Jumping into closed guard

● Biting, pushing with teeth

● Grabbing hair, body hair, nose, and ears

● Attacking or pushing the groin and eyes

● Careless or intentional striking (punch, elbow, knee, head butt, kick, etc.)




● Stalling in closed guard

● Holding position with no obvious intent to attack

● Defensive action only, from standing position with no takedown attempt

● Intentionally forcing opponent off the mat

● Intentional escape from the mat to evade bad positioning

● Grabbing three or less fingers at one time

● Covering the mouth and nose with the palm

● Sitting without attempt to grab opponent

● Not following the referee’s instructions

● In case of a warning to both fighters, both start from standing position

● Deliberately removing the belt to delay the match (e.g. to rest) and when a competitor takes too much time (more than 15 seconds) to fix the lapels or the belt (e.g. to rest)

● Three warnings result in disqualification loss

● If the referee determines that an illegal act causes serious damage to the opponent, disqualification loss may be ruled



Competitors who commit any of the following disciplinary penalties will be automatically

disqualified, barred from competing in the event, cannot receive an award, and may receive

further sanctions:


● Competitors who display extremely bad behavior toward the opponent, the coaches, the referee(s), the staff or anyone else, at any time during the event, will receive a team DQ and disciplinary sanctions

● Deliberately biting, head butting, hair or ear pulling, fish hooking, eye gouging, attacking the genitals, slamming or spiking the head, striking with the hands or feet, or fistfighting will result in a team DQ and disciplinary sanctions

● Deliberately inserting the fingers into any orifice or wound will result in a team DQ and disciplinary sanctions

● Refusing to let go of a submission or technique that hurts the competitor after the referee stops the match will result in a team DQ and disciplinary sanctions