We Are Family

WAJJCs are a fantastic way to introduce kids to the wider Jiu Jitsu lifestyle. There is so much more than just mat drills, and WA keeps it fun!

Wilderness Academy is a family business designed to enhance the lives of our family, your family and the community.

Founders Thom Kotis and Anika Wilkins have a passion for coaching, the Jiu Jitsu lifestyle and ensuring children receive the support they need to thrive.

We believe strongly in the benefits of Jiu Jitsu training to both the individual and the community and have made it our mission to make it as accessible as possible to a broad audience.

Our combined skills and talents enable us to create a unique atmosphere where young practitioners are encouraged to immerse themselves in the lifestyle, culture and community of Jiu Jitsu.

​We bring the best coaches and expert guests together with the goal of creating a fun environment full of creativity and experimentation. A place where young practitioners can safely express themselves through the art.

We respect all lineages and operate outside of rank and affiliation. Our work is focussed on coaching the individual and honing their existing skills through volume training. We will never coach over the top of your coach, or your academy’s philosop