Day Camps

12 hours of Jiu Jitsu Training
and Coaching over
​Four Mornings


When my kids did a WAJJC their Jiu Jitsu improved and they had fun – what more could you want? – Al Simpson – Yamba

Wilderness Academy Jiu Jitsu Day-Camps offer a safe, supportive and respectful environment for young practitioners (aged 8 to 12 years) of all abilities to experience a high volume of training in a short time period.

Our commitment to coach and athlete development is expressed through a guaranteed 1:10 coach/athlete ratio. This ensures close attention and a technical focus. Our expert coaches reflect our secular approach to Jiu Jitsu. This means we will not coach over your home academy’s style or philosophy. We are about fundamentals, attention to detail, base and posture, weight distribution and movement.

Jiu jitsu instruction is interspersed with supplementary activities such as gymnastics or calisthenics technique workshops presented by accredited guest coaches.

Every camp features a keynote seminar from a Jiu Jitsu Blackbelt.